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Essential K-pop Lingo – V Live, Chocolate Abs, Daesang, Fan Cam, Mil Dang & more

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V Live

A smartphone app that lets you follow your favorite celebs, watch your personal broadcasting videos while connecting and interacting with other users by making comments, and give “hearts” to share your thoughts and feelings. They have scheduled shows as well as unannounced guerilla live broadcasts!

Quick! Oppa’s are on the air now on V Live !

Chocolate Abs

“Six Pack”
So called because chiseled abs look similar to blocks of chocolate.

Dongjoon’s been working out so hard for the past 6 months. Look at his chocolate abs! Oh, I bet I can use that as a washboard.

초딩 Choding

“Someone Who Acts Like a Kid”
An elementary school student. This term is also used to make fun of someone who acts like a kid.

Jihoon’s favorite dishes are pizza, hamburger, and French fries. He has such a choding appetite.
Kay just passed out after playing a video game for 10 hours non-stop. He is still a choding at heart!

대상 Daesang

“Grand Prize”, “Top Award”
Most prestigious award one can receive.

Wow! Soye won the daesang at KBC’s Diamond Disk Awards!

디스패치 Dispatch

“The CIA of the Korean Showbiz Industry”
Established in 2010, it is an Internet-based news agency that focuses on celebrity gossip and breaking news. It is currently the single most dominant agency in the industry. It is believed that many of the reporters are former entertainment reporters from SportsSeoul.com. It is most famous for delivering exclusive stories on celebrity dating scenes by what many consider as paparazzi-style yellow journalism, but fans love it.

Tony: Dang! Jaeho’s on Dispatch!
Micky: Huh? Dispatch? It better be something good! Otherwise they are done.

돌싱 Dol Sing

“Recently Divorced Person”
An abbreviation for “돌아온” dol ah on (“returned”) “싱글” single, to mean “returned to being single” It is also used for idols who come back as
a solo artist after a period of being part of a group.

Julian: Wow, who’s that lady?
Yona: Oh, that’s Miriam from Mexico.
Julian: Does she have a boyfriend?
Yona: All I know is that she is a dol sing.
Juna: Doesn’t matter she was once married or not! <3 <3

Fan Fiction

“Fictional Tales Written by Fans Starring Their Favorite Idols”
Fictional tales written by fans starring their favorite idols. The story line usually involves conflicts and romance.

Kayla is so talented in writing fan fictions. I asked her to write one with me and Junho in it. Of course, I was the love of his life in the story

팬캠 Fan Cam

“Footage Taken Directly by Fans”
In contrast to those taken by professionals (e.g., photographers (paparazzi), journalists, reporters), this refers to moments (photos and videos) captured directly by fans. At concerts and fan events, you can see that everyone is holding up their smartphones. Do not confuse this with the term “sasaeng”, which refers to fans going to extremes (i.e., sneaking into bias’s home, which is a criminal offense).

Jin: Dang… Juno Juno has been charged with assault!
Bernard: Yeah, I heard everything was caught on that fan cam after the concert.

강남스타일 Gangnam Style

“Ultra Mega Hit Song by Psy”
An ultra super mega hit song by Psy which became a world-wide phenomenon with its signature “horse riding dance”.

Op, op, Oppa Gangam Style!
Gangnam Style introduced K-Pop to so many who had no idea where Korea was even located.

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멘트 Ment

“Pick up Line”
Originated from the word “comment”, but in Korea it refers to something sweet and charming one says to seduce the opposite sex.

Dohoon: Hey girl, you look like a traffic ticket!
Jenny: Excuse me?
Dohoon: You got FINE written all over you!
Jenny: Is that a ment? Don’t flirt with me, Mr.!

밀당 Mil Dang

“Psychological Tug of War”
A fierce psychological warfare that usually takes place among couples, as they attempt to protect their ego and in the hope of securing the upper hand in the relationship. Not everyone is good at playing this game, and if not played well, the rope can snap and recoil.

Sabrina: He hasn’t called me for 3 days. Should I?
Jim: No, Sabrina – I am 100% sure that he’s playing mil dang with you. Don’t give in!

몰카 Mol Ca

“Hidden Camera”
An abbreviation for “몰래 mol lae (“secretly”) + 카메라” (“camera”), referring to the act of filming someone unbeknownst to theme. The term
originated from MBC’s popular comedy TV show “일요일 일요일 밤에 (Ilyoil Ilyoil Bam Ae – “Sunday, Sunday Night”, where Lee Kyung Kyu,
a famous comedian, set up a hidden camera to see how celebrities would react to a hilarious situation. Recently, however, the term has been more frequently used to describe criminal activities, and a handful of celebrities have fallen victim to such crimes (i.e., leaked sex tape).

After Jason’s mol ca on his private life leaked, many of his sponsors

완판녀 Wan Pan Nyeo

“The Kate Middleton Effect”
A slang term which literally means “Ms. Sold Out,” but is used to refer to a female celeb, or an influencer who has the ability to make the item they promote “sold out” because of the fan base they have. It’s similar to “The Kate Middleton Effect” in the U.K., where the Duchess of Cambridge causes an instant spike in demand for the fashion items she wears.

The coat which Jeon Ji-Hyeon wore in TV Drama ” My Love from the Star”, has always been sold out! She’s a true wan pan nyeo.

왕자병 Wang Ja Byeong

Conceited / Stuck Up / Narcissist Male
“왕자” (wang ja) means “prince” and “병” (byeong) means “disease/sickness.” Put together, it literally means “prince disease/syndrome,” a narcissist male who’s conceited/stuck up.

I’m the only male student in my Yoga class, and that’s when I started having this wang ja byeong

우쭈쭈 Woo Chu Chu

Coochy Coo
An onomatopoeia that phonetically imitates the sound an adult makes in order to calm/appease/compliment a baby or a little kid. As it is associated with a cute feeling, it’s often used between a couple as a way of teasing each other, but one should exercise caution when using it as it can give the feeling that one is talking down to/loon down on the listener.

Woo chu chu~! You cute little thing~

스밍 Sming

Short for “streaming,” which is the act of listening to a certain song on a music website such as Melon and Mnet, because doing so works in favor of the band who sang the song—the number of times a song is played counts towards the chart. Fans do this to help their bias get ranked high on the chart, and it has to meet certain criteria. 1) Sample 1-minute streaming doesn’t count 2) You have to purchase a “listening credit” using real money 3) Volume must be turned up.

We go full-throttle on sminging our oppa’s new song at 4:00PM today!

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