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Learn Korean drinking games! Sam Yuk Gu, Nunchi / Image Game and more!


Sam-yuk-gu 삼육구 (“3,6,9”)

Everybody goes around in order, counting out the numbers loudly. Whenever there is 3,6, or 9, you clap instead. The same applies to multiple digit numbers if you manage to advance that far. For example, you clap once for 23, twice for 33 (because there are two 3’s), and three times for 639. In the same sense, for 30-39, 60-69, 90-99, you will have to clap through them!

[Rhythm 3.6.9.] How to play Random Game – April Rachel ver. The KING of Random Game

Son Byung Ho 손병호

Everybody holds up five fingers and goes around in order, asking if what the person says applies to you, and if it does, you fold a finger. For example, you could say, “if any of you here never had a boyfriend/girlfriend, fold your finger.” The one with no fingers left has to drink.

(ENG sub) [V LIVE] AB6IX – AB6IX playing Son Byungho game

Image Game 이미지 게임

Everybody grabs a chopstick or use a finger instead. When a question is asked, you point the chopstick or finger at the person you think fits the image. For example, “Who here looks like the biggest flirt?”

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. playing “Image Game”

Nunchi Game 눈치 게임

It’s the ultimate test of quick thinking and reflexes. It starts with everyone seated, and each has to get up in order, counting out the number loudly while doing it. If two people get up to call the same number at the same time, they both take a shot. Or, if all survive, the last person to stand up takes a shot.

Running Man 런닝맨 EP427 20181125 SBS “Playing Nunchi Game”

Baskin Robbins 31

Everybody takes a turn and counts out a number loudly, in ascending order. It has to be anywhere between an increment of 1-3. As the name suggests, whoever says the number 31 loses the game.

[ENG SUB] NCT Life Ep.1 – Baskin Robbins game cut

STORY CONTINUES Pour with both hands and turn your body away! The Korean drinking etiquette.

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