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Essential K-pop Lingo – Nodap, Bias, Bias Ruiner, Adak, Mola and many more

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노답 No Dap

Dead End / Helpless
“답” (dap) means “answer,” so when put together with “no,” it literally means “no answer,” but is idiomatically used to refer to a dead end, a helpless situa￾tion, or someone who is just tactless and is absolutely clueless about what’s going on around them.

Wait up… You said you were on a diet and ate the whole pizza? Man, you are really no dap

중2병 Jung 2 (I) Byeong

“중2” (jung-i) means “8th Grade(r)” + “병” (byeong) means “sickness”. Put to￾gether, it means “Eight Grader Syndrome”, but is idiomatically used to refer to someone who tries so hard to appear overly cool, apathetic, rebellious and unique, by posting shocking and cringe-worthy stuff in an attempt to gain attention. It’s termed so because such state of mind is similar to that of a teenager who’s going through puberty.

Oh dear… He posted “What’s the meaning of life?” post again on Instagram… He should see a doctor for his jung i byong!

잉여 Ing Yeo

Literal meaning is “surplus/extra” but the term is used by teenagers as a self-deprecating joke who label themselves as a “loser,” because they are
just another “surplus/extra” in society, whose existence doesn’t matter that much.

I did nothing, literally nothing productive today, I feel like an ing yeo

인증샷 In Jeung Shot

Flag / Proof Pic / Timestamp
“인증” (in jeung, “to certify”, “to validate”, “to confirm”) + shot. It serves as an evidence photo of someone having done what they claim to have done, or having been where they claim to have been, cause “pics or it didn’t happen!”

Dad: I’m with the members of Big Bang.
Me: No way! Send me an in jeung shot!
Dad: Here you go!
Me: Oh… these are their wax figures ;(

협찬 Hyeop Chan

Providing goods and services for free in return for brand exposure. Some celebs, however, have been criticized for abusing their fame/popularity to force companies to give them stuff for free! One Example) is they would rent expensive clothes to wear to a TV show and then never return them, insist￾ing that they did them a favor by exposing the brand. Companies usually just bite the bullet and let them have it their way.

Tony: Hey, I like your Ferrari. Can you give it to me as a hyeop chan? I have over 100 Instagram followers.
Ferrari Dealer: Please get out.

혜자 Hye Ja

Merciful / Extremely Generous
The term became popular after the introduction of a celebrity-branded convenience store lunch box “Hye Ja Lunchbox,” which offered very gener￾ous portions of rice and accompanying side dishes at a very affordable price. Since then the word “Hye Ja” has become synonymous with something/ someone very generous.

Ken: Oh dear… I think I broke your iPhone.
Jin: That’s ok. We’re friends.
Ken: Really? You are a real hye ja ㅠㅠ


“Your Favorite Idol”
Your absolute favorite singer or group whom you will support no matter what, hence the term.

Infinion is my bias! I love my Oppa’s so much!

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Bias Ruiner

“Someone Who Has the Potential of Becoming Your New Favorite”
An idol singer, an actor, or a group who threatens to take over the place in your heart currently occupied by your current bias.

Tiffany: OMG, who is that cute boy full of swag?
Minhee: Oh, that is Taemin, the leader of a new idol group named GOGO
Tiffany: Holy moly Guacamole! I thought Seho Oppa was my one and only
love but he’s so hot that he has the potential to be a bias ruiner.

아닥 A Dak

“Shut Your Pie Hole”
An abbreviation for “아가리” ah ga ri (vulgar term for “mouth”) 닥쳐 dak chyeo (“shut up”). These are fighting words, but in an abbreviated form, these same expressions are used among friends and seen as just great fun. The abbreviations seem to tone down the meaning so they come across as cute!

Uncle Jay: Dude! Do you know why 10 is afraid of 7?
Max: Um… no?
Uncle Jay: Cause seven eight (ate) nine!
Max: Man… just a dak

아점 A Jeom

A compound word made up of “아침”achim (“breakfast”) + “점심” jeom shim (“lunch”) = “brunch”. Some people have an interesting way of
distinguishing one from other. If a meal is average, it is “아점”, but if a meal is worthy of Instagram, then it’s brunch. This is largely due to some Korean people’s tendency to associate imported English words with style.

Taeho: Hey baby, let’s go get achim!
Minji: Wha… achim? It’s already 11:30AM!
Taeho: Well then, jeom shim it is!
Minji: More like ajeom, right?
Taeho: Maybe, depends on what we are having.
Minji: I don’t know… maybe eggs benedict with mimosa?
Taeho: It is brunch then!

몰라 Mola

“I Don’t Know”
Can be used to avoid answering certain questions that can cause embarrassment.

Uhyuk: How much do you weigh?
Mina: Mola! How can you ask a lady that kind of question?

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