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Joayo – 좋아요 / Menbung 멘붕 / Neomsabyeok 넘사벽 / Jjaksarang 짝사랑 / Geumson 금손 / Ttongson 똥손 / 4D 4차원 / Ojirap 오지랖 / Gaenso 갠소 / Todak Todak 토닥토닥 Learn The Hottest Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases Every K-pop Fan Must Know.

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좋아요 Jo A Yo

It refers to the “like” or “heart” button on Facebook and Instagram, which serves as a self-esteem booster for many.

Some people believe that a post that receives less than 10 joayo’s is a shame.

멘붕 Men Bung

“Mental Breakdown”
The psychological state of total chaos, which is caused by something utterly beyond belief.

I had a men bun when I heard my Oppa’s been having a secret affair with the member of GBGB.

넘사벽 Neom Sa Byeok

“Something Unbeatable/Unbelievable”
An abbreviation for “넘을 수 없는neom eul soo eop neun (“unclimbable”) 사차원의sacha won eui (“fourth-dimensional”) 벽 byeok (“wall”)”.
It is used to describe someone or something that is beyond one’s control (unbeatable) or comprehension (unbelievable), and it can be used both as a compliment and a ridicule.

Doyle: So I had 3 shots of Vodka, 1 bottle of Soju, and 2 glasses of wine
and I’m still sober?
Mina: When it comes to drinking, you are neom sa byeok.

짝사랑 Jjak Sa Rang

Unrequited Love / Crush
Actually from the word “외짝사랑” where “외짝” (oe jjak) means “not a pair” and “사랑” means “love,” but “외” has been dropped out and “짝사랑” has been more popularly used, to mean “unrequited love/crush,” which is a cliché d theme for K-Pop songs and K-Dramas.

I’ve been in jjak sa rang with her for over 5 years, and I finally decided to man up and ask her out!

금손 Geum Son

Extremely Dexterous/Crafty
“금” (geum, literal meaning is “gold,” but is idiomatically used to refer to something of “very high quality”) + “손” (son, “hand”). Describes someone who is extremely skillful and competent with their hands.

Whoa! You fixed my broken iPhone! Thank you Mr. Geum Son!

똥손 Ttong Son

All Thumbs “똥” (ttong, literal meaning “poop,” but is idiomatically used to refer to some￾thing of “very low quality”) + “손” (son, “hand”). Describes someone who is uncoordinated or clumsy with their hands.

WTF? You can’t even make ramyeon noodles? You really have ttong son!

4D/4차원 Sa Cha Won

“차원” (cha won) means “dimension. We live in a 3-dimensional world, so this term is used to describe someone or something so extraordinary to the point that it’s beyond control or comprehension. It can be used both as a compliment and as ridicule.

LOL! My nephew is so sa cha won ! He thinks he can find Sponge Bob at the bottom of the swimming pool!

오지랖 Oh Ji Rap

“Being Nosy”
Being overly curious and meddlesome, such as gossiping and prying into each other’s affairs.

Umi: Hey! You should be a rapper!
Joe: Rapper? What rapper?
Umi: The Oh Ji Rapper! Cause you have a finger in every pie.

갠소 Gaen So

“Private Collection”
A teen’s way of abbreviating the word “개인” gae in (“personal”) + 소장 so jang (“collection”). It refers to the downloading and storing of a rare
picture of your favorite bias, with no intention of sharing it with others.

(Tony sees a sexy picture of his bias on the Internet)
Tony: Gaen so… Straight to my private collection…

토닥토닥 To Dak To Dak

“Pat Pat”
An onomatopoeia, or a word that imitates the sound of patting someone/an animal, either to show affection or as a gesture of encouragement.

To dak to dak… Don’t be too disappointed! You can just take pre-calc again next year.

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