How to write a K-pop fan mail letter in Korean – Congratulatory, Compliments, Support

Congratulatory Messages

148. 축하해요!

149. 축하합니다!
Congratulations (formal).

150. 생일 축하합니다!
Happy Birthday! (literal meaning = I congratulate your birthday)

151. (대상/본상) 타신것 축하해요!
Congratulations on winning the daesang/bonsang!

152. 상 타실 것 알고있었어요.
I knew you’d win that award.

153. 새 앨범 나온 것 축하해요!
Congratulations on your new album release!

154. (드라마/영화/TV쇼)에 캐스팅 되신 것 축하해요!
Congratulations on getting a role in the (drama/movie/TV show).

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155. ( ) 주년을 축하해요!
Happy ( ) anniversary!

156. 데뷔 ( ) 주년을 축하해요!
Happy ( ) debut anniversary!

157. 1등을 축하해요!
Congratulations on being #!

158. 차트 1등을 축하해요!
Congratulations on topping the chart!

159. 차트 올킬을 축하해요!
Congratulations on “all-killing” the charts!

160. 트리플 크라운을 축하해요!
Congratulations on achieving “Triple Crown”!

161. 새로 나온 (뮤직비디오/노래) 정말 멋져요!
The newly released (music video/song) is really awesome!

162. 새 (헤어 스타일/패션) 정말 멋져요!
Your new (hair style/fashion) is so cool!

163. 새 앨범에 있는 곡들 전부 다 좋아요!
I like every single song in the new album.

164. 새 (컨셉/CF/안무) 정말 (멋져요/섹시해요/신비해요).
The new (concept/CF/choreograph) is really (cool/sexy/mysterious).

165. 진심으로 축하해요!
I extend to you my heartiest congratulations!

166. 새 멤버가 생긴걸 축하해요!
Congratulations on the new addition to the group! ( = new member to the group)

167. 그럴 자격이 있어요!
You deserve it! / You earned it!

168. 해냈어요!
You did it! / You made it!

169. 계속 잘 해주세요!
Keep up the good work!

~ Useful Words ~

170. 새 (new) + noun
Example) 새 신발 (new shoes)

171. 새로 나온 (newly released) + noun
Example) 새로 나온 영화 (newly released movie)

172. Noun + 좋아요 (I like ~sth) : Example) 강아지 좋아요 (I like puppies)

173. ~(number) 주년 (~th anniversary) :
Example) 주년 (th year anniversary)

174. 생일 (birthday) / 상 (award) / 1등 (1st place)

175. 노래 (song)


176. ( ) 팬들이 정말 많아요.
( ) have so many fans here.

177. 팬클럽 회원이 정말 많아요.
The fan club has so many members.

178. 모두 ( ) 의 팬이에요.
We are all fans of ( ).

179. ( ) 은/는 춤을 정말 잘춰요.
( ) is/are such a great dancer.

180. (연기/노래)를 어떻게 그렇게 잘해요?
How can you be so good at (acting/singing)?

181. 어떻게 그렇게 (예뻐요/멋져요/잘생겼어요/웃겨요/재밌어요)?
How can you be so (pretty/cool/handsome/hilarious/funny)?

182. 왜 그렇게 (예뻐요/멋져요/잘생겼어요/웃겨요/재밌어요)?
Why are you so (pretty/cool/handsome/hilarious/funny)?

183. 언제부터 그렇게 (예뻤어요/멋졌어요/잘생겼었어요/웃겼어요/재밌었어요)?
Since when have you been so (pretty/cool/handsome/hilarious/funny)?

184. 매력이 넘쳐요.
You are very charming.

185. 매력 덩어리에요.
You are full of charm = You are my McDreamy.

186. 최고에요.
You are the best.

187. 최고중의 최고에요.
You are the best of the best.

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188. ( )를/을 제일 좋아해요.
I like ( ) the most.

189. ( ) 는(은) 정말 특별해요.
( ) is/are so special.

190. ( ) 는(은) 세상에 단 하나밖에 없는 사람이에요.
( ) is/are the one and only person in the world.

191. ( ) 는(은) 하늘이 주신 선물이에요.
( ) is/are a gift from heaven.

192. ( ) 는(은) 내 인생에 가장 큰 선물이에요.
( ) is/are the greatest gift/present of my life.

193. ( ) 는(은) 내 인생의 큰 의미에요.
( ) mean(s) a lot in my life.

194. ( ) 없는 세상은 너무 외롭고 슬플 것 같아요.
The world without ( ) will be so lonely and sad.

195. ( ) 는(은) 천사같아요.
( ) is/are like an angel.

196. ( ) 는(은) 나에게 모든것이에요.
( ) mean(s) everything to me.

197. 목소리가 정말 달콤해요/섹시해요.
Your voice is so sweet/sexy.

198. 모두에게 친절해서 좋아요.
I like the fact that you are kind to everyone.

199. 똑똑하고 친절해요.
You are smart and kind.

200. 정말 완벽해요.
You are really perfect.

201. 완벽 그 자체에요.
You are perfection itself.

202. 모든걸 다 가진 사람이에요.
You are a man who has everything.

203. 저도 ( ) 처럼 되고 싶어요.
I want to be like ( ).

204. ( ) 이/가 정말 (예뻐요/멋져요/섹시해요).
Your ( ) is/are so pretty/cool/sexy.

205. 유머 감각이 뛰어나세요.
You have a great sense of humor.

206. 몸매가 정말 좋으세요.
You are in such great shape.

207. ( )를/을 닮으셨어요.
You look like ( ).

208. ( )* 를 보면 ( )** 생각이나요.
( )* remind me of ( )**.

209. 어떻게 몸매를 유지해요?
How do you stay in shape?

210. 훌륭한 남편이 될거에요.
You will make a great husband.

211. 훌륭한 아내가 될거에요.
You will make a great wife.

212. 당당함이 멋져요.
I admire your confidence.

213. 타고난 리더에요.
You are a natural-born leader.

214. 모두들 당신을 존경해요.
Everyone looks up to you.

215. 우리 모두의 우상이에요.
You are our idol.

216. 우리는 ( )을 숭배해요!
We worship ( ).

217. ( ) 는/은 우리의 수호천사에요.
( ) is/are our guardian angel.

218. ( ) 이/가 함께 있다고 생각하면 마음이 든든해요.
I feel safe when I think ( ) is/are with me.

219. 존재만으로도 힘이되요.
Your mere existence is a great support.

220. ( )의 노래를 들으면 힘이 솟아요!
Listening to ( ) song gives me energy!

221. ( ) 는/은 눈부신 빛과 같아요.
( ) is/are like a bright light.

222. ( ) 는/은 태양과 같이 밝아요.
( ) is/are bright like the sun.

223. 내 인생의 태양.
The sun of my life.

224. 내 인생의 (의미/목적).
The meaning/purpose of my life.

225. 내가 아침에 눈을 뜨는 이유.
The reason I open my eyes in the morning.

226. 내가 살아가는 이유.
The reason I live.

227. 그게 바로 ( )입니다.
That is because of ( ).

228. 나도 ( )에게 힘이 되고 싶어요.
I also want to be your support.

~ Useful Words ~

229. 우리는 (we are)
Example) 우리는 행복해요. We are happy.

230. 나도 (I also, me too)
Example) 나도 행복해요. I am also happy.

231. 어떻게 (how)

232. 왜 (why)

233. ~같아요 (look/feel/sound like ~ sth)
Example) 강아지 같아요. You (look) like a puppy.

Showing Support

234. 화이팅!
Fighting ( = cheer up! / let’s go!)

235. 힘내요!
Cheer up!

236. 잘 될 거에요!
It’s going to be all right!

237. 성공할거에요!
It will be a success!

238. 대박을 기원합니다.
Hope you win it big! ( = wishing you the best of luck!)

239. 성공은 따놓은 당상이에요.
There is no doubt it will be a success.

240. 잘 했어요!
Way to go!

241. 짱이에요! ( = informal 최고에요!)
You are the best!

242. 믿을 수가 없어요!

243. 생각보다 훨씬 (멋져요/예뻐요/섹시해요/잘생겼어요/좋아요)
It’s cooler/prettier/sexier/more handsome/better than I’ve imagined.

244. 언제나 응원합니다.
I’m always on your side.

245. 언제나 응원하는거 알죠?
You know I’m always on your side, right?

246. 우리가 있잖아요!
We are here for you!

247. 걱정할 필요 없어요.
There is no need to worry.

248. 걱정마세요.
Don’t worry about it.

249. 하나도 걱정하지 마세요.
Don’t you worry about a thing.

250. 성공은 당연해요.
Your success is guaranteed.

251. 우리가 서포트해요.
We will be there to support.

252. ( ) 를(을) 사랑하는 팬들이 정말 많아요.
There are many fans who love ( ).

253. (저/우리)가 ( )에 응원하러 갈거에요.
I/We will be at ( ) to support you.

254. 큰 소리로 외칠거에요.
I will cry at the top of my voice.

255. 함께 노래 할거에요.
I will sing along with you.

256. 형광봉을 흔들거에요.
I will be waving a light stick.

257. 정말 환상적일거에요.
It will be really fantastic.

258. 꿈꿔왔던 순간이 될거에요.
It will be a dream-come-true moment.

259. 실수해도 괜찮아요.
It’s okay if you make a mistake.

260. 어떻게 해도 사랑스러워요.
You are lovely, no matter what.

261. 행동 하나 하나가 사랑스러워요.
Every single move you make is lovely.

262. 실패해도 괜찮아요.
It’s okay if you fail.

263. 다음에 더 잘할거에요.
You will do better next time.

264. 제 느낌은 틀린적이 없어요.
My feelings have never been wrong.

265. 좋은 느낌이 들어요.
I have a good feeling about it.

266. 끝내줬어요!
That was awesome! (informal = That was the bomb!)

267. 힘들땐 (제/우리) 생각을 해주세요.
Please think about me/us whenever you are feeling down.

268. 항상 기도할거에요.
I will always be praying for you.

269. 본방사수 할거에요!
I will watch it live!

270. 대상 타기를 기원할게요!
I wish you win the grand prize!

271. 반드시 1등 할거에요!
I am sure you will win the first place!

272. 울지 말아요!
Please don’t cry!

273. 안타깝지만, 슬퍼하지 말아요.
It is a pity ( = it is a shame), but don’t feel sad.

274. 다음이 있잖아요!
There is always next time!

275. 엄청난 신인이에요!
You are an amazing rookie!
276. ( ) 의 뉴스를 보았어요.
I saw the news about ( ).

277. ( )의 이야기를 들었어요.
I heard the story about ( ).

278. 저는 언제나 ( ) 를(을) 믿어요.
I always trust ( ).

279. 그런 소문따위 믿지 않아요.
I don’t believe the rumors.

280. ( )만 믿어요.
I only believe in ( ).

281. 누가 뭐라고 하던지.
No matter what they say.

282. 다른사람들이 하는 말 신경쓰지 마세요.
Don’t worry about what others say.

283. 다른사람들이 하는 생각 신경쓰지 마세요.
Don’t worry about what other people think.

284. 그냥 하는 일에만 집중하세요.
Just focus on what you are doing.

285. 그게 (제가/우리가) 원하는 것이에요.
That’s what I/we want.

286. 제 편지를 보고 힘내세요!
I hope my letter cheers you up!

287. 좋은 생각과 기운을 보냅니다.
Sending good thoughts and vibes.

288. 저는 ( ) 가(이) 정말 자랑스러워요.
I am really proud of ( ).

289. ( ) 는(은) 제 인생을 바꾸었어요.
( ) changed my life.

290. ( ) 덕분에 힘든 시간을 버텨낼 수 있었어요.
Thanks to ( ), I was able to persevere through the hard times.

291. ( ) 는(은) 제 은인이에요!
( ) is/are the savior of my life! / I am very indebted to ( ).

~ Useful Words ~

292. 믿어요 (I believe)

293. 힘내세요! (cheer up!)

294. 하나도 (not even a thing, not at all)
Example) 하나도 안 무서워요 not afraid at all

295. 알죠? You know, right?

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