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귀요미 Gwiyomi

A Korean slang for “a cute and adorable person”

Awwwww when my Oppa was a little baby, he was such a gwiyomi!

There’s even a song titled gwiyomi song *cringe warning*

한류 Hallyu

“Korean Wave”
“The Korean Wave”. It is the global phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture spreading over the world, through KPOP music,
K-Dramas, TV shows, and movies.

I thought Hallyu didn’t exist, but every time I travel overseas, I happen to
bump into a K-Pop fan.

행쇼 Haeng Syo

“Peace Out”
A shortened word of the phrase “행복하십쇼” haeng bok ha sip syo which means “be happy”. It has become very popular ever since G-Dragon started saying it on TV. It can be casually used for saying goodbye, and can be translated as “peace out” in English.

My fans, it was a great pleasure having you today. Thank you so much
and… Haeng Syo!

지못미 Ji Mot Mi

“Sorry I Couldn’t Save You”
An abbreviation for “지켜주지 못해” ji kyeo joo ji mot hae (that I couldn’t save you) “미안해” mi an hae (“sorry”). It is mainly used when someone
looks funny (i.e., ugly funny) in a picture (e.g., a snap shot capturing an ugly moment). You are sorry because you 1) couldn’t take a better picture
2) weren’t available to Photoshop it 3) just feel sorry that the person is ugly. You can also use this in drinking games when someone has to drink shots as a penalty for losing a game.

Hailey: LOL! Daniel looks like a sloth in this photo.
Xavier: Ji mot mi Daniel…

진상 Jin Sang

Someone who has a nasty temper and makes a fuss over the most trivial things. It is similar to “drama queen” but it mostly refers to customers who demand outrageous favors (e.g., forcing the store to accept a return of a non-returnable product) because they believe they are the boss.

Joohee was screaming and even pushing the poor restaurant server over a strand of hair found in her meal. No one knew that she could be such a jin sang.

에바 E Ba

“Over Reaction”
Kids’ and teenagers’ way of saying “over reaction”, but there is a theory claiming that it is actually a compound word made up of “error + over =
eva = e ba”. Regardless of its origin, it is used to describe the act of going too far or exaggerating too much.

Reina: Oh my god! I think BTB oppa like me!
Joey: Why do you say that?
Reina: I got his autograph today and he drew a little heart! I think that’s a secret message he’s sending to me!
Joey: That’s a little e ba… He always does that to his fans.

엑박 Ek Bak

“Image Not Found”
An abbreviation for “엑스” (“x”) + “박스” box = “X-Box”. It is not the name of the video game console by Microsoft, it refers to an error
message caused by a broken image in a web browser, due to the file being n

ot present or other possible issues. The error message is graphically
represented by an empty box with and “x” symbol inside, hence the term.

Woody: What? Why am I getting all these ek bak’s? I want to see AOB’s new photos!
Ming: Sorry man, our Internet has been disconnected. We haven’t paid the bill for the past 6 months.

볼매 Bol Mae

“The More I Look, the More Charming Someone Is”
An abbreviation for “볼수록 매력” bol soo rok (the more I look) mae ryeok (charm). It refers to someone whose charms are revealed/discovered
throughout continued encounters. It can also refer to someone who might not be the love-at-first-sight type, but over time grows on someone or becomes magnetic.

Youngmi: Hey, I heard you are still seeing that guy?
Tina: Right… I told you he wasn’t exactly my style, but the more I get to
know him, the more attractive he is.
Youngmi: Can you elaborate? What makes him such a bol mae?
Tina: He accidentally dropped a wallet one time and it was full of $100
bills. Second time that happened, it had even more!
Youngmi: B O L M A E!

Body Rolls
“Sexy Dance Move”

A seductive dance move by either male or female KPOP idols. The most popular example is doing the “body wave dance”. The slower it is
performed the sexier it is perceived!

Wanso is so flexible that her body rolls remind me of the great Tsunami! I bet I can go surfing on it.

Blackpink body roll compilation

누구 Nugu

Unknown / Not Popular / Obscure
Means “who” in Korean, but in a K-Pop fandom context, it refers to someone/ group who hasn’t made a name for themselves yet, but doesn’t necessarily mean they are less talented than other accomplished K-Pop acts. Many of them just need strong promotions and higher brand awareness. Many fans also support these “minor” groups and take strong pride in doing so, because they have faith that their nugu is the next up-and-coming K-Pop act.

When they first debuted, everyone was like nugu ? But nowadays they all go “WOW”.

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