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Free Bilingual Korean – English Story with Audio – When I Was Little 내가 어렸을때

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내가 어렸을때
When I Was Little

내가 어렸을때,
When I was little,

모든 것이 신기해 보였어요.
Everything looked amazing.

아빠는 힘이 세고, 엄마는 요리를 잘했어요.
My daddy was strong, and my mom cooked well.

나도 어른이 되고싶다!
I want to become a grown up, too!

어른이 되면 어떤 멋진 일들이 생길까?
If I become a grown up, what kind of cool things will happen?

나는 이제 어른이 되었어요.
I became a grown up now.

어른으로 사는 것은 정말 피곤해!
Living as a grown up is really tiring!

아침 일찍 회사에 가고, 저녁 늦게 집에오지.
I go to work early in the morning, and I come back home late at night.

아! 다시 어린이가 되고싶다!
Oh! I wish to become a child again!

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