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Free Bilingual Korean – English Story with Audio – In The Dream 꿈속에서

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In The Dream

어제 밤에 꿈을 꾸었어요.
I had a dream last night.

나의 몸에 날개가 달려있었어요.
There were wings attached to my body.

하늘 높이 올라가서, 아래를 보았어요.
I went up in the sky, and looked down.

모든 것들이 작게 보였어요.
Everything looked small.

장난감 같이 작은 사람들.
People that are small like toys.

솜사탕 같은 구름!
The cloud, which is like a cotton candy!

구름에 앉아보려고 했어요.
I tried to sit on the cloud.

하지만, 가까이 다가가니 사라져 버렸어요.
But, they disappeared as I approached nearby.

너무 오래 날아다녀서 피곤해졌어요.
I became tired because I was flying for too long.

힘이 빠져서 땅으로 떨어진다!
I am losing strength and I’m falling down to the ground!

쾅! 아이고 아프다!
Thump! Ouch it hurts!

침대에서 떨어졌네.
I fell from the bed.

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