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Daebak 대박 Aegyo 애교 Kiyopta 귀엽다 Essential K-Pop Slang Expressions!

Essential K-Pop Slang Expressions Every K-Pop fan must know! Fully Understand What Your Favorite Idols Are Saying.

Hello, K-Pop fan! Congratulations on your bold decision to embark on a journey to the fantastic world of K-Pop! Let’s take a moment to share the joy: you have chosen your favorite bias, you can tell who is the maknae of the group, right? Oh, and you must know who is in charge of the visual and has the best aegyo that melts your heart! Well, it’s okay if you don’t have a clue about what I just said, because that is probably the reason you are here. We created this series so you can learn the most up-to-date vocabulary that is used in K-POP lyrics, TV shows, K-Dramas and the like.

As the title of the series, The K-Pop Dictionary, suggests, this is not an ordinary dictionary. It is specifically designed to explain what these words mean in a K-Pop and K-Drama context. These are like encrypted codes that can only be understood if you know the background information, such as where they originated, and when and how they are used. Without this knowledge, you are missing out on all the news and updates other fans are talking about!

For that reason, we included real life examples of the words in action. You will gain a thorough understanding of the words and their background information. So you can use this book as a quick reference guide any time you run into K-Pop and K-Drama lingo, or as a study reference by utilizing the conversation examples included on every page. Whatever your goal, this will be a great way to expand your K-Pop and K-Drama knowledge, and to give yourself a window into the fascinating world of Korean culture!

You will notice that sometimes there are more than one spelling variations. Despite the fact that there is a standard method of Romanizing Korean words using Latin letters, K-Pop fans and translators have chosen to haphazardly use whatever they think is appropriate. Those Romanizations have then spread across the Internet, eventually becoming the new standards used by everyone. So, this book includes the versions that are popularly used among K-Pop fans, but spellings in Hangeul (Korean alphabet – free lessons here) are also provided – you can always cross-check in case you want clarification and further detail.


Since it’s our first lesson, let’s warm up with three essential K-pop slang expressions.


“Jackpot”, “Incredible”
A term that can be used to express amazement and excitement. Can be translated as “jackpot”, “big win” “awesome” or “incredible”.

KOKO’s new digital single all-killed the charts! It sure is a daebak album!
I just saw Alisha in Myeongdong! D-A-E-B-A-K!


“Acting Cutesy”
A compound word made up of two Chinese characters where “ae” means “love” and “gyo” means “beautiful”. It is a display of affection through
various expressions such as making cute gestures or speaking in baby talk. While strongly associated with feminine traits, male KPOP idols often display these affections, but it is not frowned upon.

Yuna: Oppa~! Can I pweeeeease have a hug~? (Baby voice)
Minho: Of course, but only if you do the cutie dance!
Yuna starts dancing like a 5-year-old girl
Minho: Your aegyo really melts me! <3 <3

Cringiest Aegyo: 너무해 애교


“귀엽다” (gwi yeop da, “cute”) spelled/transcribed and widely used by non￾Korean speakers.

Han: Awwwwwwwww! Is that your baby daughter? She’s so KYOPTA
Toby: That’s my son.

The content your enjoying is complimentary from “The K-Pop Dictionary.” If you wish to learn all 500 essential K-pop words and phrases to fully understand what your favorite idols are saying, check it out on Amazon worldwide.

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