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Essential K-pop Lingo – Makbang, Mukbang, Nunchi, Hyeon Woot and more

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Essential K-pop Lingo불금 Bool Geum

“Friday Night Fever”
An abbreviation for “불타는” bool ta neun (“burning”) “금요일” geum yo il (“Friday”). It is the most cherished day by students and workers who
are on a five-day work/business platform. It is an independence/liberation day for those who have been forever longing for the moment. It is called “burning” because their passion and energy is so hot.

Julio: Bro, do you know what day it is?
Brian: Uh… Friday?
Julio: Dude you are no fun. It’s not just Friday, it is bool guem!

Essential K-pop Lingo본좌 Bon Jwa

“The Dominant One”
It is most widely used in online game leagues (e.g., League of Legends and Starcraft) to refer to the champion.

Junho: Move aside! Yohan coming through!
Wang: WTH? Who is he?
Junho: How dare you! This is Bon Jwa of StarCraft!
Wang: Oh your Majesty! I beg you to forgive my rudeness. Your gold-plated keyboard and mouse are set up here.

Essential K-pop Lingo이불킥 I Bool Kick

“Kicking Oneself”
A compound word made up of “이불” i bool (“comforter”) + “킥” (kick) = “kicking one’s comforter”. It refers to a situation where someone is lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, and all of a sudden something embarrassing they did in the past flashes through their mind, and they kick the comforter out of shame.

Maya: Remember the dude who threw up in front of everyone at band camp last year?
Jody: Yeah! I bet he is still i bool kicking til today!

Essential K-pop Lingo막방 Mak Bang

Last Episode of a Show/Program
“막” (mak, “last”) + “방” (bang song, “show/broadcast”). The very last episode of a show/program. It’s a very moving moment in which you can see how much each member of a show has progressed/grown, given that the show wasn’t abruptly shut down due to low rating.

The mak bang of the popular show made every viewer cry.

Essential K-pop Lingo먹방 Meokbang / Mukbang

Eating Show
“먹는” (meok neun, “eating”) + “방송” (bang song, “show/broadcast”) is a live online show/broadcast in which a host, better known as a BJ (broadcast jockey), eats a large quantity of food (pizza, hamburger, kimbap, tteokbokki (recipe here), jjajangmyeon, you name it…) while interacting with their audience through a chat screen that appears at the side. While it sounds weird, people find it entertaining because you can get a vicarious gratification from other people eating food, or, conversely, it makes you feel healthy by watching other peo￾ple overindulging in food. Many popular show hosts make lots of money by receiving 별풍선 (cyber currency used In AfreecaTV) and from advertisement deals. This type of show/broadcast has gained popularity around the globe, encouraging many foreign YouTube celebrities to jump on the bandwagon.

Wow… I can definitely be a super star if I start my own muk bang channel because I can really pig out!

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Essential K-pop Lingo눈치 Nun Chi

Tact / Being Self-Conscious
Literally “eye measure,” a concept unique to Korean culture which signifies the importance of being able to listen to and gauge others’ moods. In Western culture, it could be described as the concept of emotional intelligence, such as being perceptive, tactful, or self-conscious. In a high context culture like Korean, such unspoken ways of communication are of central importance in interpersonal relationships.

Charlie: Hey, everyone’s walking on eggshells around Tony because his girlfriend recently dumped her…
Henna: Oh, hey Tony! I have two tickets to KCON! Do you want to take your…
Oh shoot! Never mind… Sorry!
Charlie: Come on, girl! Have some nun chi ! You’re so oblivious…

Essential K-pop Lingo눈치게임 Nun Chi Game

Timing Game
A popular Korean drinking game in which the game leader initiates a game by saying “1” then every player must say a following number, without say￾ing the same number with other players at the same time, or being the last player to say the last number. If you do, you lose the game and have to drink a penalty shot. While the rules seem really simple, it’s a cliff-hanging game thanks to its high-paced nature and having to read other people’s minds.

When I’m driving, changing and merging lanes feel like a nun chi game.

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Essential K-pop Lingo메롱 Me Rong

Nana-Nana Boo-Boo
A phrase used to tease someone, delivered while sticking your tongue out, for more humiliation.

HAHA! I ate that last slice of pizza! Me rong!

Essential K-pop Lingo현웃 Hyeon Woot

“Laughing in Reality”
Contrary to LOL (Laughing Out Loud or “ㅋㅋㅋ”), which is the biggest lie on the Internet, the reader finds it so funny and hilarious that they burst out laughing in real life.

Daeho: LOL! Mina just farted while giving a presentation.
Max: LOL! I just had a hyeon woot. She must have been so embarrassed.

Essential K-pop Lingo조공 Jo Gong

“Giving Gifts to One’s Bias”
Original meaning is “tribute”, but in KPOP lingo, it refers to the act of giving gifts to a bias.

June made his jo gong to his favorite member of the girl group 4 Wonders through the fan club, but he is not sure if it will ever make it to her.

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