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Essential K-pop Lingo – Aish, Hul, Chogiwa, Killing Part, K-Con, Ulzzang, Selca & more

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아싸 / 인싸 Ah Ssa / In Ssa
(a-ssa / in-ssa)

Outsider / Insider
Short for “아웃싸(사)이더” (outsider) / “인싸(사)이더” (insider). It’s used to cat￾egorize/label people on the basis of whether one belongs to a group or not. As for outsiders, one could become an outsider as a result of bullying, but one could also choose to become an outsider if one does not wish to belong to/hang out with a certain group.

Dong Ho: Hey guys, can I join you guys?
Mark: No way, Jose! You are like the biggest ah ssa at school.
Dong Ho:But I have a pair of tickets to KCON.
Mark: Welcome to the club. You are officially an in ssa now.
Dong Ho: But it’s from last year’s KCON event.
Mark: What the… back to ah ssa status, now!

아이씨 Aish

“Damn It!” “Crap!”
An interjection used to express frustration/surprise.

Melinda: Aish! I forgot to bring my wallet!
Tony: Aish! That means I have to pick up the tab!

헐 Hul

Something you say when you are dumbfounded or lost for words.

Oyu: Layla, I accidentally spilled coffee on your Oppa’s picture…
Layla: Hul

촉이와 Chogiwa

“I Got a Feeling” / “I Can Feel It”
“촉” (chok, “gut feeling”/”hunch”) + “~이와” (~iwa, “~is coming”). A feeling or conjecture based on one’s intuition rather than known facts. It’s also the name of Super Junior D&E’s song “촉이와 (2015).”

Dude… I can’t quite remember because I totally blacked out but I think I’ve done stupid stuff last night… Chogiwa… I can definitely sense it…

츄리닝 Churining

Track Suit / Sweat Suit
A Konglish term originated from the English word “training”. It refers to a track/sweat suit you wear when exercising, but is also a popular fashion style, especially among hip hop fans.

With his churining fashion he thought he’d look like a cool hip hop kid, but everyone thought he looked like a couch potato.

공주병 Gong Ju Byeong

Conceited / Stuck Up / Narcissist Female
“공주” (gong ju) means “princess” and “병” (byeong) means “disease/sickness”. Put together, it literally means “princess disease/syndrome”, but refers to a narcissist female who’s conceited/stuck up.

Eddie: You’d better stop treating her like a princess! She’s going to have gong ju byeong!
Yonghyun: She already does… Too late!

흑역사 Heuk Yeok Sa

Shameful/Humiliating Memory
“흑” (heuk, “black/dark”) + “역사” (yeok sa, “history”). Your shameful past which you wouldn’t want anyone to find out about. It’s similar to “이불킥” (i bul kick, “kicking oneself,”) which refers to a situa￾tion where someone is lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, and all of a sudden something embarrassing they did in the past flashes through their mind, and they kick the comforter out of shame.

LOL! This is my baby picture – OMG that haircut… my heuk yeok sa!

집사 Jip Sa

Cat Servant
Literally means “butler/steward,” but among cat lovers it means “cat servant,” because they know cats CAN’T be owned but only served and pampered. Your life goal as a “집사” is to keep them happy and satisfied at all times!

If my oppa was a cat, I’d volunteer to be the jip sa in a heartbeat !

킬링파트 Killing Part

Most Impressive Part Of A Song
In a K-Pop context, it refers to the most impressive part of a song, which is usually a title song with very catchy and addictive lyrics/dance moves.

“Oppa Gangnam Style” is probably the most famous killing part of any K-Pop songs.

김밥천국 Kim Bap Cheon Guk

Korean Restaurant Franchise with Unbeatable Cost-to-Benefit Ratio
“김밥” (kim bap, “Korean seaweed rice roll”) + “천국” (cheon guk, “Heaven”). Its literal meaning is “kimbap heaven,” but it’s actually a franchise with a huge selection of menus, including kimbap, omelet, Korean ramyun noodles, tofu stew, and many others. It’s super popular, especially among teenagers who are strapped for cash because they have an unbeatable cost-to-benefit ratio. Their foods are served quickly, portions are big, and most importantly, they are cheap!

What kind of heaven serves yummy Korean food? Kim Bap Cheon Guk does !

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K-Pop Expo
Annual Hallyu (Korean Wave) convention organized by Mnet Media, CJ E&M, Powerhouse Live, and Koreaboo, in order to promote K-Pop and Korean cul￾ture, as well as facilitating mutual cultural understanding among the people around the world. It’s held in various locations across the world, and is com￾posed of reception, K-Pop concerts, and discussion sessions with panelists. The latest events were held in New Jersey, Los Angeles, and Sydney in 2017.

돌직구 Dol Jik Goo

“Very Straight Forward Comment (Question)”
dol means “rock” and 직구jik goo means “fast ball”. Literal meaning is “a powerful (rock-solid) fastball”, but is used to describe a “very straight
forward comment (question)”. It is most effective if used when the listener is least expecting it.

Baby: Grandma, why is mom so ugly?
Mother-in-Law: I guess babies really can’t lie.
Dad: That is the most destructive dol jik goo I’ve ever heard…
Mom: ……

팩폭 Paek Pok

Brutally Honest Remarks
Abbreviation for “팩트” (paek teu, “fact’ (there is no “f” sound in Korean) + “폭격” (pok gyeok, “bombing”). The act of talking to someone in a direct way, and not in a roundabout way. It’s similar to “돌직구” (dol jik gu, “very straightforward comment (question)”.

Shauna: My boyfriend dumped me because I’m too good for him and he couldn’t handle me.
Marco: Nope, it’s the opposite – He was too good for you! You will never find anyone like him in you life.
Charlie: Whoa… That’s a paek pok right there!

포카 Po Ca

Photo Card
Short for “포토” (poto, “photo”) “카드” (card), it is the little piece of paper, often laminated, that has a photo of idols printed on them. They are a very popular fan merchandise, and are sold in decks of all different quantities. Older K-Pop bands don’t have photo cards on the market, so some K-Pop fans choose to go the DIY route and make their own.

I’ve been collecting po ca of my oppa’s for over 4 years now. I can make a little book with them.

사랑해 Sa Rang Hae

“I Love You”
It is probably the most spoken (abused) phrase throughout KPOP songs and K-Dramas.

No, I don’t hate you. Sa Rang Hae!

생파 Saeng Pa

“Birthday Party”
An abbreviation for “생일” saeng il (“birthday”) “파티” (party).

Mary: Tomorrow’s my birthday!
Jin: Where the saeng pa at?

세젤예 Se Jel Ye

“The Most Beautiful in the World”
An abbreviation for “세상에서” se sang e seo (“in the world”) “제일” je il (“number one”) “예쁜” ye bbeun (“beautfiul”).

Evil Queen: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the prettiest of all?
Mirror: You. You are the se jel ye.
Evil Queen: You are promoted to Deluxe Mirror.

셀카 Selca

An abbreviation for “self camera”. It is the act of holding one’s camera and taking a shot of oneself. With a little touch-up using a photo editing app, you can become an “얼짱” ulzzang (“best face”).

Heemin takes one too many selca’s. Her Instagram is full of photos of her faces.

얼짱 Ulzzang (Uljjang)

“The Best Looking”
Literally meaning “the best face”, it is used to describe someone with good looks. Again, it’s just the face that matters and nothing else, so even if you are overweight with a huge beer belly, you can still be an ulzzang if your face is pretty.

In my selca’s I am an ulzzang, but when I take a full body shot I am an obese ulzzang.

엄친아/엄친딸 Umchin A / Umchin Ttal

“Someone Who is Better Than You in Every Aspect”
Literally meaning “Mom’s friend’s son/daughter”. It is someone who is better than you in every aspect, to a degree that you doubt their existence.
Often times it is an imaginary person your mom makes up to make a comparison with you, hoping to make you try harder.

Bobo graduated high school at 10, and college at 14. She makes tons of money as a business woman and can play 5 musical instruments. She is a
real umchina.

심쿵 Shim Koong

“Heart Racing”
An abbreviation for “심장이” shim jang (“heart”) “쿵쾅” koong kwang (“sound of the heart beating/racing”) = “Heart is Racing/Beating Rapidly”.
This is a spontaneous reaction by your central nerve system that occurs upon seeing your bias.

Nero: Oh, wow! We almost got ran over by a car!
Nick: Shim koong

심쿵사 Shim Kung Sa

To Die of a Heart Attack
“심” (shim, 心) means “heart,” and “쿵” (kung) is the sound of an object hitting the ground/floor, while “사” (sa, 死) means “death.” Put together, it means “To Die of a Heart Attack,” which could happen if you see your favorite idol in the flesh!

I really want to see my oppa’s in person, but at the same time I’m afraid that
I’d die from shim kung sa… My heart will explode!

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